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Diagnostic and Research Products for the Corona Virus

24 Mar, 2020 The Coronavirus outbreak was declared as a Pandemic by the WHO earlier this month. Many groups across the world are conducting exhaustive studies to come up with vaccines against COVID-19... More

GenBuilder™ Cloning Kit

19 Jan, 2019 Genscript has come up with a new cloning kit that enables you to clone upto 5 DNA fragments into Linearized Vector.... More

True mab

True MAB Monoclonal antibodies

19 Apr, 2018 True MAB are generated against full length recombinant proteins from human cells as antigens that were affinity purified under native condition to preserve the protein’s conformation. ... More

Recombinant Antibodies

9 Oct, 2017 Initially when Monoclonal antibodies were discovered there was a great hope for clinical use of antibodies. But this excitement gave way to pessimism as the antibodies derived from mouse induced unwanted immune response when subjected to humans.... More

Custom Antibodies Service cover image

Custom Antibodies Service

3 May, 2017 We provide this service through the AAALAC and OLAW certified facility of our service partner Genscript. We can customize polyclonal, monoclonal, and recombinant antibodies to suit your needs. Our usual guarantee is a 1:64000 titre by ELISA. Western Blot and IP applications can also be tested. We excel in epitope binning studies to give you unique clones and also can undertake extensive counter selection to avoid cross reactivity.... More

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression

20 Jan, 2017 This service from our partner Genscript offers the complete solution from gene to protein.We offer Gene synthesis (codon optimized for expression in E.coli), subcloning into expression vector and all the way through... More

Check out Bioss newest pathway-Nerve Growth Factor !

14 Nov, 2016 Bioss is ready for Neuroscience 2016. Check for Bioss new pathway on Nerve Growth Factor, NGF.... More

Rigaku reagents crystallography screens.

Rigaku reagents crystallography screens.

12 Sep, 2016 ... More

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