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GenSmart™ Design

GenSmart™ Design

19 Jan, 2019 This is a smart construct design interface to make building DNA constructs easy. A simple 3 step process of  Insertion; Fusion and Replacement helps you to design construct as per your experimental requirement.... More

Happy Birthday BiotechDesk - Post Cover

Happy Birthday BiotechDesk

29 Apr, 2018 It was on an animated Sunday afternoon, after much deliberation, the idea of Biotech Desk was born... More

Jhansi's Photo

Happy Women’s Day!

8 Mar, 2018 Jhansi Rani our Operations Manager true to her name, has been associated with Biotech Desk since its inception. Managing work-life balance she has given grit, knowledge, tenacity and countless hours of her life to Biotech Desk. A tribute to her diligence and dedication on this day.... More

Human Skin Cells into Mature Liver Cells

Human Skin Cells into Mature Liver Cells

28 Feb, 2014 ... More

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