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Transcreener HTS Assays

Universal high throughput screening assays for enzymes using direct detection of nucleotides and homogeneous fluorescent readouts.

Rather than using separate assays for a multitude of specific reaction products, such as phosphorylated proteins or lipids, a single nucleotide detection assay can be used for all of the enzymes that generate a common nucleotide product. For example, ADP detection can be used as a universal kinase assay method for any protein, lipid or carbohydrate kinase.
Direct detection of nucleotides, which is less susceptible to interference than complicated enzyme-coupled assay schemes.
Your choice of FP, FI and TR-FRET readouts; all with far red fluors and certified performance on major multimode readers.
Homogenous, mix and read format can be used for endpoint assays or for continuous monitoring of enzyme activity.

Products include:

  • Transcreener ADP Kinase Assay
  • Transcreener AMP/GMP Assay
  • Transcreener GDP Assay
  • Transcreener UDP Assay
  • AptaFluor SAH Methyltransferase Assay
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