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    Expression ready cDNA clones

    More than 1 million clones with genome wide coverage for human, mouse and rat. Over 20,000 validated for protein expression and more than 8000 citations

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    RNA interference

    siRNA, shRNA, miRNA and 3'UTR clones for target validation.Lentiviral option available.

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    Gene synthesis

    Optimize DNA sequences for protein expression in any host and synthesize mutation-free genes of any length and any complexity. Clone into any vector of choice.

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    Maximise your read length on PacBio RSII for +20kb per SMRT cell with our HMW DNA extractions and libraries. Make BAC libraries and sequence them individually or pooled.

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    Peptide Synthesis and Antibody production

    Custom synthesize peptides, modify them and use to immunize animals to raise antibodies. We undertake custom antibody production for polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Also choose from an extensive range of catalog antibodies

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    Nucleotides and Nucleosides

    More than 2000 nucleotides/nucleosides and their analogs from the world leader Jena Bioscience. Custom synthesis of the most exotic analogs

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    The Oryx robots for protein crystallization

    Set new standards in protein crystallography with the Oryx by techniques like Microseeding and LCP

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    Tools for protein crystallography

    Plates for sitting and hanging drops, reagent matrices for the most successful conditions, coverslides, accessories and more



We distribute and market products for Life sciences research



We provide a wide range of services from Gene synthesis to Protein expression



All that you need for Electrophoresis and Crystallography plus more



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Focus of the Month

Recombinant Antibodies
9 Oct, 2017

Initially when Monoclonal antibodies were discovered there was a great hope for clinical use of antibodies. But this excitement gave way to pessimism as the antibodies derived from mouse induced unwanted immune response when subject... [Read More]

A Salute to Indian Science

A Salute to Indian Science - Fridge Magnets

Biotech Desk pays tribute to legendary Indian scientists who changed the face of Science with their monumental discoveries. We bring to you, fridge magnets of some Indian Nobel laureates and those who deserved it far more than many others to adorn your labs and homes and inspire you to do what has not been done before... [ More ]

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