Custom Peptide Synthesis

Biotech Desk synthesizes locally in India as well as has tie-ups abroad to bring to the researcher quality custom peptides. State-of- the-art highly sophisticated instrumentation like the 400Hz NMR, FT-IR, MS, Amino Acid Analyzer, automated peptide synthesizers, analytical and preparative HPLC are employed for peptide synthesis. Our turnaround time for an average peptide is 3-4 weeks upon receiving an official order. Our prices are very competitive!

  • Phospho-peptides, Biotin-labeled peptides available.
  • Cyclic peptide and those with D-amino acids available.
  • Discount shall be applied for large-scale synthesis.
  • Please mention amount (mg) and purity level (% purity) of the peptide required for a quote request.
  • Conjugation to KLH or BSA available for antigen peptides.
  • All custom peptides are accompanied with MS and HPLC analyses. Additional analytical data are available upon request at additional charge.
  • All peptides are shipped lyophilized.

Please send us the sequence of the peptide(s) in order to assess ease of synthesis, which will reflect in the price quoted.

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