Next Generation Sequencing

Biotech Desk has partnered with Amplicon Express, USA to bring you a range of Next Generation Sequencing services. Long Read sequencing is no longer a myth for NGS. With the advent of the PacBio Single Molecule Real-time sequencing, it has become possible to create whole genome de novo assemblies of eukaryotic organisms, sequence full length transcriptomes, study structural variants, genomic variation and epigenetic modifications. Amplicon Express can isolate High Quality DNA which is high molecular weight (MHW) too ensuring that you get the longest reads possible. This can be done for all NGS instruments : Illumina, BioNano IRYS, Gemcode, PacBio Sequel.

  • High molecular weight (HMW) DNA Isolations for Megabase Sized DNA optimized for Optical Mapping or (BioNano IRYS platform).
  • Modified CTAB extraction from plants: +20µg of ultra clean Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) grade DNA per extraction.
  • Specializing in Metagenomic DNA extraction (i.e. soil, filtered marine water, hot spring, marine sponge communities).
  • 96-well DNA extraction from BAC and Fosmid clones in ng to µg amounts suitable for all NGS applications.
  • Genomic DNA extraction: suitable for all applications (NGS, PCR, DIGEST).

They have OPTIMIZED the PacBio 30 Kb Library Protocol.

Check out these 30 Kb Lib results

Click here to see details on 18 Kb (average first strand read length) using Amplicon’s NGS grade DNA in collaboration with Pacific Biosciences R&D team

We shall isolate HMW DNA for you and also make sequencing-ready libraries for the following platforms:

BioNanao IRYS

We can also align with authorized Next Generation sequence providers along with detailed Bioinformatics analysis so as to complete a project end-to-end.

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