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Rigaku reagents crystallography screens.

Rigaku Reagents is an innovation leader in the fields of protein science and protein crystallography. The most popular screens are the Wizard crystallography screens which provide a large array of chemical combinations to give the highest probability of crystallizing proteins of interest.

Wizard Classic: These formulations include a large range of crystallants, buffers and salts covering a broad range of crystallization space at varying pH levels.

Wizard Cryo: Designed to avoid the additional step of optimizing a cryoprotectant condition.

Wizard Precipitant synergy: This is a unique screen to discover protein crystallization hits by employing synergistic effects of mechanistically distinct precipitating agents (salts, organic solvents, polyethylene glycols, additives, pH).

Wizard PEG Ion: The PEG Ion series matrix combines the crystallizing power of PEGs with salts that are commonly found in crystallization conditions.

Wizard TIME: The Wizard Total Integral Membrane Protein Extraction (TIME) screen aids in the identification of the detergent reagent that successfully extracts a membrane protein from a membrane preparation.

Wizard JCSG: This screen is designed by researchers from JCSG for coarse screening of initial crystallization and solubility conditions for biological macromolecules with the goal of maximizing the coverage of the crystallization parameter space and eliminating redundancy. The JCSG Top96 screen needs special mention.

Wizard Cubic LCP kit: This kit is ideal for low-protein experiments- effective protein volume for a single crystallization experiment is about 80 nanoliters. Lipidic cubic phase has worked well for the crystallization of 7 TM membrane proteins and G-protein coupled receptors.

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