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FailSafe™ PCR System- Successful PCR, the first time and every time

Stop paying out extra on changing polymerase types for an unsuccessful PCR.

A complete solution to all PCR related problems without changing polymerase type. The FailSafe™ PCR System provides dependable, consistent high-fidelity PCR results for

every DNA template, regardless of its source or sequence. The FailSafe PCR System will faithfully amplify your template every time.

Celebrating the 10 glorious years of FAILSAFE solving PCR problems for the customers.


  • Simplified PCR optimization.
  • PCR of difficult or high-GC templates (Fig. 1).
  • Multiplex PCR (Fig. 2).
  • PCR amplifications up to 20 kb for cloning.


Figure 1:
Amplification of an 80%-85% GC-rich region of the human fragile X gene. PCR was performed using the FailSafe™ PCR System, schematically depicted above. Lanes A-L show the amplification products resulting from PCR using the 12 FailSafe PCR PreMixes. Lane M, molecular weight marker. In this experiment, optimal amplification was obtained with FailSafe PCR PreMix J. The size of the expected amplicon is indicated by an arrow.

Figure 2:
Multiplex PCR of the human CFTR gene. The FailSafe™ PCR System amplified all five exons of the CFTR gene from as little as 1 ng of human genomic DNA. Lane M, DNA marker; lane 1, negative control; lanes 2-5, multplex PCR from 1, 10, 50, and 100 ng, respectively, of human genomic DNA.


Using EPICENTRE’s patented PCR Enhancement Technology, the FailSafe PCR PreMix Selection Kit has replaced the need for cumbersome adjustments of reaction components to determine the optimal conditions for PCR of each template and primer pair. The 12 FailSafe PCR PreMixes in this kit cover a meticulously determined matrix of PCR conditions that give optimal PCR results for different sequences. Each PreMix represents a unique PCR condition, with everything needed for successful PCR. Combine the template and primers with the FailSafe Enzyme Mix, add one volume of this cocktail to one volume of each of the 12 FailSafe PCR 2X PreMixes, and cycle. EPICENTRE guarantees that at least one FailSafe PCR PreMix will provide conditions that are optimal for the template and primers tested

For reliable and consistent PCR results for all subsequent amplifications using the same primers, simply order the FailSafe PCR System with PreMix Choice, and specify the same FailSafe PCR PreMix that gave optimal PCR results using the FailSafe PreMix Selection Kit.


  • Successful PCR, the first time and every time.
  • High PCR accuracy, using a unique PCR Enzyme Mix with a 3-fold lower error rate than Taq DNA polymerase.
  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity using the PCR Enhancer Technology.
  • FailSafe PCR PreMixes contain all components needed for successful PCR.
  • Generates PCR products suitable for both TA cloning and blunt-end cloning.


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