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True MAB Monoclonal antibodies

True MAB are generated against full length recombinant proteins from human cells as antigens that were affinity purified under native condition to preserve the protein’s conformation. This is superior to commonly available commercial antibodies generated using short peptides. The peptide antigens are inadequate to mimic the protein conformations due to the lack of three-dimensional structures. In particular, peptide-derived antibodies cannot recognize the conformational epitopes which are primarily presented on the surface of native proteins. In comparison to peptide-derived antibodies, True MAB monoclonal antibodies provide high sensitivity and specificity for the recognition of native protein epitope.

True MAB antibodies are great tools for immunoassays that are sensitive to protein conformation, such as immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, high content screening (HCS), antibody arrays and more.

  • Extensive validation- WB on cell lysates, IHC, IF staining, FC, IP
  • Multiple clones available for one target-ideal for screening for antibody pairs like in ELISA, Luminex asssay
  • Multiple TrueMAB monoclonal antibodies available for a single protein target for cross-reference validations
  • Conjugations to HRP, PE, Biotin and DyLight fluorescent dyes available


Origene also provides the UltraMAB  antibodies which are highly specific antibodies validated by testing them against a high density protein microarray.

TrueRAB® monoclonal antibodies are a collection of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed by Origene using single B cell cloning technology. The antibodies thus produced have high affinity for targets with low immunogenicity in mouse system.

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