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Wizard Cubic LCP kit

The pioneer work of J. Rosenbusch and E. Landau on crystallization of soluble and membrane protein lead to development Wizard cubic LCP kits. This kit contains all the tools, formulations & lipid to prepare micro-crystallization experiments according to the LCP micro method-Incorporation of macromolecule into LCP and Dispensation of this LCP.

Wizard Cubic LCP kit contents:

  • Two 250 μL syringes with a Mixer Union for the preparation of LCP
  • One ratchet dispenser with 10 μL syringe and short needle to dispense the LCP
  • One 10 μL Microsyringe Pipette
  • 100 mg Monoolein
  • Ten micro trays
  • CubicTM Screen formulation matrix block
  • Spatula and tape
Syringe photo
Terasaki microtray photo
Terasaki microtray
LCP screen
LCP screen
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