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Biotech Desk is the authorized distributor for Genscript products and services in India. Their services add value to research with a growing list of peer-reviewed publications that make GenScript the most cited biotech company in the world. It is the largest gene synthesis supplier in the US and offers a range of molecular biology services to suit your needs. It offers a number of services for the pharmaceutical industry interested in developing therapeutic antibodies.


Custom Gene synthesis

GenScript custom gene synthesis service provides you powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins with unparalleled top to bottom customizability. Genscript is expertise in designing and assembling segments of long sequences.
CloneEZ cloning technology can accurately and efficiently fuse your gene into any vector and deliver you mutation-free DNA of any length and any complexity.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

With Genscript proprietary PepPower™ platform, they provide the high-quality peptides and 100% guaranteed quantity to obtain better experimental results in biological and drug discovery research.

Recombinant protein expression and purification

High quality recombinant proteins produced in choice of different expression systems like Bacterial, mammalian, insect systems.

Site directed Mutagenesis

Genscript provides 100% accurate mutant DNA clones, (including point mutations, deletion mutations and insertion mutations), without the need to spend on mutagenesis kits to do PCR mutagenesis, cloning and sequencing.

CRISPR/Cas9 based genome editing

Other molecular Biology services

Custom Polyclonal and Monoclonal antibody development

With proprietary innovations, GenScript offers high quality custom antibody production services
Genscript custom antibody service portfolio includes: polyclonal antibody development, monoclonal antibody, recombinant antibody service and antibody drug development.

Therapeutic antibody discovery services

Antibody Screening and Characterization

Custom Cell Line development services

In vitro Functional assays


ORF cDNA clones

Genscript has readily available In-stock ORF clones for new genes/variant species. These clones are default cloned in pcDNA3.1+/C-(K)-DYK vector with a option for Customized Cloning.

Kits and reagents for Molecular Biology

Kits and reagents for Protein Purification and Analysis


GenScript provides a broad range of high-quality Primary and Secondary antibodies such as Anti-Epitope tag, Phospho antibodies, Cas 9 antibodies and many more

Molecular Biology Reagents & Kits

Genscript provides you cost-efficient molecular biology reagents for fast, reliable DNA purification and analysis: Taq DNA Polymerase, DNA ladders and kits like plasmid purification kits, PCR cloning kit, Gel extraction kit and many more

CRISPR/Cas9 constructs and more

Recombinant proteins

Stable Cell lines

Endotoxin Detection kits

Genscript supplies FDA approved LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) testing methods to achieve a fast and highly sensitive endotoxin assay for quantitative endotoxin detection in a broad range (0.005–1 EU/ml). The Gel Clot Endotoxin Assay kit is a fast qualitative test showing a positive or negative result. To ensure accurate results with rapid endotoxin assay method

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