qPCR/Real time PCR

Thermal Cyclers from Midsci

  • Real Time PCR

qPCR Multiplex Master Mixes from Jena Bioscience

  • qPCR MultiplexMaster
  • qPCR MultiplexMaster with low ROX
  • qPCR MultiplexMaster with high ROX

qPCR Master Mix from Origene

  • qPCR Master Mixes
  • qSTAR template standards for absolute copy number determination

qPCR Master Mix from Midsci

  • qPCR Master Mixes

qPCR Mixes for Dual Labeled Probes from Jena Bioscience

  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG
  • qPCR ProbesMaster
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG/lowROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with low ROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with UNG/high ROX
  • qPCR ProbesMaster with high ROX

qPCR Mixes with EvaGreen from Jena Bioscience

  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG
  • qPCR GreenMaster
  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG/low ROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with low ROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with UNG/high ROX
  • qPCR GreenMaster with high ROX

qPCR primers from Origene

  • Gene specific primer assays for human and mouse
  • Gene specific primer assays for microRNA
  • Primer panels for gene families and pathways
  • Primer panel for microRNA collection

qPCR Core Kits from Jena Bioscience

  • qPCR Probes Core Kit
  • qPCR Green Core Kit

qPCR Core Kits from Midsci

  • EasyScript cDNA synthesis kit
  • EasyScript Reverse transcriptase

qPCR Supplements from Jena Bioscience

  • Fluorescein Reference Dye
  • ROX Reference Dye
  • EvaGreen Fluorescent DNA Stain
  • Thermolabile UNG (Uracil N-Glycosylase)
  • qPCR Control Kit

Dual Labeled Fluorescent Probes from Jena Bioscience

  • BHQ-1 Quencher
  • BHQ-2 Quencher
  • BHQ-3 Quencher
  • BBQ®-650 Quencher
  • ECLIPSE Quencher
  • DABCYL Quencher
  • TAMRA Quencher
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