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Gene Synthesis Bonanza

Get your Genes synthesized from the No. 1 Gene company, Genscript, USA

As we begin 2021 on a note of hope, Finally something to make you smile 🙂

For every order of Rs, 30,000/- Get 1 FREE Product of your choice from the list below:

1  TEV Protease, His   Cat# Z03030-1K  1000U  ListPrice: 11,020/-
 Enterokinase, His  Cat#Z03004-100  100 U   List Price: 12,030/-
3  High Affinity Ni-charged Resin FF  Cat# L00666-5  5ml  ListPrice: 13,320/-
  • Long or complex GC-rich or repetitive sequences with 100% accuracy
  • Codon optimization through OptimumGene™ – Codon Optimization for various expression systems
  • CloneEZ® seamless cloning technology can accurately fuse your gene into any site on any vector
  • High Throughput parallel service and Express service available
  • Choice of more than 150 cloning and expression vectors
  • Technical support to check suitable cloning sites, in frame analysis, tag addition etc.
  • Can be coupled with Site directed Mutagenesis at only Rs. 10,000/- more
  • Evaluate your gene for expression for additional charge
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