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Offers on PCR products, Epicentre Enzymes & Antibodies

We are now featuring these great deals. Hunt no further, the values are here!!!
Seasonal offers on Sibenzyme PCR products, Epicentre MMLV RT kits, Quick extract kits & Rockland antibodies.


PCR Hamper from Sibenzyme

  • 1000U of Taq DNA polymerase
  • 50ug of 1 kb/100bp ladder
  • dNTP mix 10umol at 25mM each

At a unbelievable bundle pack at only Rs. 3000/-
(More than 50% off)


Trial size Antibodies from Rockland!!!

Small trial pack of 25 µl antibodies available from Rockland Inc., USA
for Rs. 13000/- only for western blots and more.

For the complete list of antibodies, click here


RT-PCR kit from Epicentre, USA

10,000 U of MMLV High Performance RT-PCR enzyme
the 1st -strand cDNA synthesis kit for 10 reactions
(Contents: MMLV RT enzyme, 10X reaction suffer, RNase inhibitor, dNTP premix, DTT, Oligo dT, random primer)

At a never-before price of only Rs. 5000/- (~60% off)


Quick extract solutions

Quick extract solutions for extracting PCR-ready genomic DNA from FFPE tissues, seeds and other samples: Most samples can be processed with only two short heating steps (65 degrees C and 98 degrees C) without the needs for centrifugation, spin columns or toxic reagents:

  • Quick extract FFPE RNA extraction kit
  • Quick extract FFPE DNA extraction kit
  • Quick extract seed DNA extraction kit

At only Rs. 3000/- for 5 ml which suffices for 50 extractions
(More than 60% off)


Epicentre enzymes and kits-available at more than 50% discount.

  • T7 RNA Polymerase
  • E.coli RNA polymerase Holo enzyme
  • Omnicleave Endonuclease
  • RNase free DNase I
  • Ready Lyse Lysozyme
  • Riboshredder RNase blend
  • RNase H
  • Plasmid safe DNase
  • MasterAmp 10x PCR enhancer
  • End-It DNA Repair kit
  • Extract Master Fecal DNA Purification kit
  • MasterPure Complete DNA and RNA Purification kit
  • MasterPure Yeast RNA Purification kit
  • mRNA-ONLY Eukaryotic mRNA Isolation kit
  • MonsterScript 1st-strand cDNA synthesis kit
  • MasterAmp RT-PCR kit for High Sensitivity
  • FosmidMAX DNA Purification kit
  • Fast-Link DNA Ligation kit
  • Exact START Full Length cDNA Library cloning kit
  • MasterAmp Tth DNA Polymerase
  • Premixed dNTP solution

Offer valid till stocks last.

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