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World’s first Bionic Eye

A group of Scientists from Monash University, Australia have revealed their prototype for the world’s first bionic eye.

The device, which involves a microchip implanted in the skull and a digital camera attached to a pair of glasses, will allow recipients to see the outlines of their surroundings.

If successful, the bionic eye will help over 85 percent of the people who lack visual perception.

How does the bionic eye work?


(1) A digital camera embedded in the glasses will capture images.

(2) An eye movement sensor inside the glasses will direct the camera as you turn your head.

(3) Digital processors will modify the images captured by the camera.

(4) A wireless transmitter will then present the image that you are “looking at” to a chip that has been implanted at the back of the brain.

The chip will then directly stimulate the visual cortex of the brain with electrical signals using an array of micro-sized electrodes. The brain will learn to interpret these signals as sight.

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