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AAVS1 Locus: A Safe Harbor for Transgene Insertion

Origene has brought a novel technology for transgene integration via insertion into the AAVS1 locus.

Adeno-associated virus integration site 1 (AAVS1) in the human genome is a safe harbor for transgene integration via the CRISPR technology.  It is transcriptionally active and transgene expression from this site is stable.

Features of AAVS1

  • Targeted transgene insertion
  • Robust and stable expression
  • No random genetic interruption and insertational mutagenesis
  • Easy shuttling from TrueORF clones into AAVS1 donor vector

AAVS1 Safe Harbor knockin system via CRISPR- This system needs two components:

  1. pCas-Guide-AAVS1, All-in-one CRISPR vector for AAVS1 targeting
  2. pAAVS1-Puro-DNR, donor vector for transgene integration, containing the AAVS1 homologous arms

This has been validated by cloning RFP into the AAVS1 donor vector and observing RFP fluorescence after transfection along with the Guide RNA in HEK293T cells.



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