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Buy 1 vial of lenti-ORF viral particles, get 50% off on 2nd vial.

Origene Lentiviral system is a powerful gene delivery tool with high transduction efficiency. Lentiviral system can be used for both gene overexpression and gene knockdown (shRNA).

Key Features and Benefits

• Biosafety: 3rd generation technology (safest)
• Avilable vector options for Lenti ORF clones- Myc-DDK tagged or mGFP tagged, C-terminal
• Broad spectrum: Transduce almost all cells and animal models
• Convenience: Just add to cells and get results with minimal need for optimization
• Legally licensed vendor for lenti products.

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Valid until Dec. 31st, 2017.

Note: Both vials must be ordered at the same time.

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